Disposable Sick/Vomit Bags

We are a supplier of Disposable Sick/Vomit Bags. Sudden sickness or vomiting is unpleasant for the sufferer and the people around them. Our Sick Bags sadly cannot stop the sickness but can help deal with it in a discreet manner. We are a leading supplier of disposable medical sick/vomit bags to the Public, Clinics and Hospitals. Our Sick bags are ideal for personal use by people suffering from any vomit related illness such as: Air sickness Sickness from the side effects of drugs or medical treatment Sea sickness Altitude sickness Reflux Gastro Morning Sickness Chemotherapy Sickness Travel Sickness Air Sickness Food Poisoning Post Party Trauma The disposable vomit bags are also popular with tourism operators, airlines, taxis and boat charter operators, who regularly need to assist travelers suffering from motion sickness. The sick bags are made of plastic, combined with a firm plastic curved mouth piece. The plastic mouth piece is held over the mouth and nose and has plenty of gaps around the sides for air to circulate. They are also easy to use for both adults and Children Please email us for orders or if you have any further queries, (

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