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Maluti Hospital School Of Nursing

To preserve, transmit and enhance knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes for the benefit of its constituency and the people of Lesotho, providing a balanced educational programme that gives each student the opportunity to develop mentally, physically, spiritually and socially; to help the student to strive for mental excellence thus promoting individuality and a proper measure of self-reliance; to prepare the student to become a useful member of society by promoting understanding and acceptance of person from various backgrounds in the community, emphasizing service as the goal of life, and encouraging the application of knowledge within the student’s societal context.

contact details

  •   Address: Maluti Adventist College, Mapoteng Berea, Lesotho
  •   Telephone: +26622540211  
  •  Email: seretsenthabeleng@gmail.com  
  •   Web: .  


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